Walking With Trees

In Walking with Trees, Glennie Kindred takes us on an intimate and profoundly connecting walk with thirteen of our native trees. She leads us into their world and opens our hearts to their wonders, their perfection and their interconnectivity. This is a book about relationships and inter-relationships: our relationship with the trees, their relationships with each other and with the natural world around them, and the flow of our communal relationship, past and present, which affects us all as interconnected life on Earth.

Illustrated with the author’s exquisite pencil drawings, Glennie’s passion for trees is infectious, and she inspires us to look more closely, listen more intently and walk with trees more often. She shares her stories and encounters with trees and weaves together many ways to deepen our engagement with them: by growing them, harvesting and using them for medicine and food, through intuitive craftwork and meeting with them as part of our seasonal celebrations with Nature. She also encourages us to find our way into a more subtle relationship with the trees, as part of our journey to heal our fractured relationship with the Earth. 

Walking with Trees is a heart-response to our present times, reminding us of our power to co-create beneficial change, and to help restore ecosystems with the help of the trees. This is a book of our time, as we come to recognise our deep interconnectivity with the natural world around us.

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February 2019


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Walking With Trees Testimonials

"Walking with Trees is a rich compendium of arboreal wisdom, ancient and modern, spiritual and practical from a wise and compassionate teacher of Earth wisdom. Glennie Kindred’s gentle, power-full words and images move us deeper into ourselves and deeper into the world, to the place of no separation. This is where we need to be at this time.
" - Lucy H. Pearce, Womancraft author of Medicine Woman; Burning Woman; Full Circle Health and Moon Time.


"This book is both a love affair made visible and the deepest bow of respect and reverence to the standing ones who grace our lives. To read this is to receive a direct transmission of Glennie’s soul, threaded through with a depth of knowledge and fascination that captivates and educates. Astonishing." - Clare Dubois, Founder of Tree Sisters. TreeSisters.org

"Once again, Glennie has delivered! Having read virtually all of her output over the years, the word which springs to mind to link them all is ‘quality’. The thoroughness of her approach to her chosen subject is very apparent. This time around her focus dwells upon our relationship with thirteen of the principal British native trees, from alder to yew. Very artfully, she surrounds her subject, by covering aspects of habitat, folklore and medicinal qualities, plus a practical guide to their growth. Whilst doing so she discusses such related topics as the doctrine of signatures, the ogham alphabet and where these trees fit into the wheel of the year. This is truly ‘a love song to the trees’, and Glennie contributes not only the prose, but also the illustrations and poems, all in her inimitable and beautiful style. The design of the book is aesthetically pleasing, and I am sure readers will treasure it. I cannot recommend it highly enough." - Ark Redwood, Author of ‘The Art of Mindful Gardening’

"I love this book. Walking with Trees is a portal into the world of some of nature’s most sublime sentinels. Dip in and be bathed by trees and their wisdom.
" - Polly Higgins, lawyer and ecocide law expert

"Glennie has real authority in this subject. She has earned it over years of working with deep integrity, a profound heart based intelligence by quietly, safely guiding thousands of people in how they can make very real connections with the intelligences of Nature and the vitality of the cycles.  She nudges us to weave ourselves back into our birthright and true selves and is greatly revered in the consistency of her accuracy.
" - Suzi Martineau, Founder of Tree Conference UK

''Glennie Kindred ndred has always been such an abundant and finely-honed wordsmith, reaching into the alchemical infusion of nature, seasons, sacred land and ancient craft to beautifully envision their interface with our human lives and understanding.  Glennie's knowledge is profound, her sharing is always generous, and her vision for environmental integrity is an urgent and essential call for a more fiercely protective guardianship of our planet, and the trees on which our existence, health and spiritual well-being depend.
" - Carolyn Hillyer, author, musician, artist. seventhwavemusic.co.uk

"Whether you already walk with trees or not, in both cases this exceptional, insightful, wise and exquisitely illustrated book is an essential guide for your journeys.  Moreover, it is not only a guide but a companion too. It contains Glennie Kindred’s unique wealth of wisdom; deeply accumulated from a lifetime of experiencing the lives of trees in all their shapes, forms and throughout the seasons. To read and absorb this beautiful work of prose, poetry and art is to know that walking with trees in future will be like nothing experienced before - it will be so much, much more." - Paul Greenwood, co-founder member of the Ancient Yew Group: ancient-yew.org

''I've always found Glennie’s work to be both authentic and inspirational, and her latest book 'Walking with Trees' is no exception. Within it, she generously shares a lifetime's insights, providing the reader with many practical suggestions to connect with, and learn from, our native trees. With plenty of Glennie’s delightful drawings, this really is a book I can wholeheartedly recommend.
" - Claire Hattersley, Garden Manager, Weleda (UK) Ltd

Glennie’s profound connection to nature is evident in this wonderfully poetic journey through both the seen and unseen lives of our native trees. A unique blend of our own indigenous wisdom with modern practical applications, this is truly an insightful offering to help us delve into the conscious, intelligent and healing world of trees. A new favourite on my bookshelf!" - Emma Farrell, co-founder Plant Consciousness, The Shamanic Lands & wisdomhub.tv


I love this book, which is imbued with Glennie's deep love of trees, and illustrated with her own beautiful & magical drawings. I really like the practical recipes and information, as well as the exercises for connecting with trees and appreciating them as fellow sentient beings who share this earth with us. Highly recommended!
" - Julie Bruton-Seal, herbalist and author, co-author of 'Hedgerow Medicine' hedgerowmedicine.com


"Glennie’s book reminded me of our deep, timeless connection. Through her sharing I felt the deep connection of our ancestors continuing through these beautiful beings (the trees) and that my steps and how I work with the trees will impact and add to this continued timeless human connection. The book left me with feelings of deep reverence but also equally empowered within this co-creative relationship we all have with the trees. I feel grounded, realistic and positive about my continued efforts as an ‘earth warrior’ and inspired to keep taking small steps.
" - Dee Dade, teacher of wild herbcraft and plant spirit connection

"I love the way that this exquisitely illustrated book encourages us to take our meditation practice outside and in to the natural world. Glennie skilfully shows us how through contemplation we can form healing, nourishing, and inspiring relationships with trees. Along the way we also gain the wisdom and insight to recognise what actions we need to take to protect and defend the magnificent trees around us. Glennie Kindred is a seer, a shaman, and a wise woman; this makes her the perfect guide on our journey in to the beautiful and uplifting world of trees." - Jilly Shipway, author of 'Yoga Through the Year'

"Connecting with trees always means connecting with our own roots, with our deepest heart and ancient soul where we rejoice – and weep – with every creature in the biosphere. The age of total war against Nature will soon be over, so let us begin to walk the new paths of co-operation and co-creation with all of life. And since trees always have been humankind's spiritual mentors and guardians, Walking With Trees is a precious tool, from a woman who has been close to the Standing Ones all her life." - Fred Hageneder, author of 'The Meaning of Trees', and 'Yew: A History'


By immersing in Glennie’s Tree World, through her wisdom and experience you can learn to dance, play and listen to the trees themselves. Not only a massively important piece of work for eco activism, but a practical guide to it as well. This is a wonderful guide for identifying trees and understanding their myth and medicine. Thank you Glennie." - Seed Sistas, Fiona Heckels and Karen Lawton, authors of 'The Sensory Herbal Handbook' sensorysolutions.co.uk

"Reading this book makes me want to grab my coat and disappear into the woods and wander the tree lined lanes this very moment. From watching the Spring Equinox sunrise through Alder to embarking on an ancient Yew pilgrimage, Glennie has taken me to a new level of inspiration to deepen my relationship with trees. Packed with fascinating information spanning from natural history to folklore, medicines to meditation, this rich resource is a must for every tree lover and earth warrior’s bookshelf. If there was ever just one book to read about trees then it is this one. Glennies passion and experience oozes out on every page, and there is enough wisdom and inspiration here to keep me going for a lifetime. I will be returning to this much needed resource again and again as an essential guide to drawing on the deep wisdom and healing power of trees." - Nicola Smalley, co-founder of The Way of the Buzzard


"This is no ordinary tree guide, Walking With Trees is paradigm shifting, stretching our relationship with trees in many directions. There is a fascinating depth and scope of information and insights shared. It is personal and global, factual and spiritual, intuitive and ecological, practical and mysterious. Reading this I have the desire to reach the levels of connection that Glennie has, and the commitment to take the time to walk the landscape with new vision, and follow the clear guidelines given.

Walking With Trees invites us to step outside of our usual ways of thinking and into the immense world of trees. It is a call for us to go deeper, expand our consciousness, awareness and eco-literacy, to let go of conditioning, to think and act like ecological beings ourselves. We are given ways to use their tremendous wisdom for how we approach our own lives and our care for Earth.

Glennie has invited us into in an extraordinary relationship with the vast intelligence of these ecological and spiritual beings. Walking with trees is beautiful, poetic and wise. Glennie successfully brings outer landscapes into connection with our inner landscapes. Walking with trees is rooted in love, respect and awe for trees and all of life." - Looby Macnamara, Permaculture teacher and designer, author of 'People and Permaculture' and '7 Ways to Think Differently