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Transplanting 'so called' Weeds from Other Peoples Gardens - May 2016

I have found a new source of native plants - other peoples gardens! Over the last few years I have become an avid grower and collector of native plants, aware that they are declining in our countryside and that many are on the Red List of endangered species

So whenever I visit friends I am looking at the hardy natives, their so called weeds, that are growing in their gardens and yards. Not 'weeds' to me of course... but power plants, native plant spirits, allies, and medicines, more precious to me than any exotics from other countries or hybrids. When I ask if I can dig some up, I am always met with the same response- "Oh you don't want that, it spreads everywhere!" to which my answer is always the same.. "GOOD! That means it is strong and will grow well with out my having to do much"

I invite you to stop to look at our everyday native plants properly. They are so beautiful, often delicate and always more intricate than you first imagine. They are much loved by our native bees and on top of that, most of them will have a useful medicinal use, (with a few exceptions, like buttercups for example), which you can get to know by lovingly working with the plants themselves. They give you the wonderful opportunity to enter in to the vast and rich interconnected world we are part of. So I invite you to become more open-hearted when it comes to our native plants, and stop thinking of them as weeds! Welcome what you have growing near by you and enter in to a relationship with them... Find out about their medicinal uses, add them to your food and salads, and make your own herb tea mixes. Each one is a gem, filled with minerals and benefits for our bodies. In the past we would have eaten over 200 different types of plants, but now most of us manage about 20-30... Food for thought...

To Learn more about native plants I recommend these books and websites as inspirational guides, starting with my own... Letting In the Wild Edges! It follows the flow of nature's year: season by season, I describe how to grow and manage native edible and medicinal plants in our gardens or on the wild edges of the land. Included are foraging tips and many recipes for making kitchen medicines and delicious food from our finds. I also hope that my Native Plants and Trees month by month blogs are useful and helpful to you.

So I wish you fun and many adventures on your exciting journey of reconnection and discovery!


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Spring - April 2015

As natures new growth begins, we too are expanding outwards, spending more time outside and finding a new surge of energy for our projects and a deep need to plant seeds and grow something!! Since the Spring Equinox and the incredibly beautiful and powerful eclipse of the Sun by the Moon, I have found myself looking at what nourishes me... I am filled with a deep appreciation of all I have, both in my life and in my heart, and this fills me up with such happiness! I hold this within me in an inner smile, which I can carry around with me where ever I go and draw on when I need it ~ This daily practice of 'Counting My Blessings' is both simple and life affirming and helps me see what is important in my life... I invite you to give it a go as a daily treat!

Creating Ceremonies, the one year course in Derbyshire is about to begin its second year with 18 new students and an exciting prospect of making new friends and a new community for the year. I run this training with my friend Annie Keeling and we cover all aspects of creating ceremonies from ceremonies for personal practice, to holding community celebrations, through to becoming a working celebrant. If you would like to be sent an application form for the 2016 course please email me, marking your email Creating Ceremonies Course 2016.

Letting In the Wild Edges - Saturday July 18th and Sunday July 19th 2015 ~ once again I will be running this weekend workshop at the Sustainability Centre in Hampshire's South Downs National Park on, and helped by my friend Dee Dade Please visit my workshops page for full details of the course or It is always a very nourishing weekend and places are filling up fast.....

Earth Pathways Diary 2016 ~ I have just completed compiling and designing the new Earth Pathways diary 2016 with my daughter May It is now at the printers and will be available to buy from Summer Solstice onwards from This year we are also producing our first wall calendar, which will be available to buy from around Lammas time.

And last but not least is my biggest new shoot ~ my new book about native trees.... as yet untitled... I am so happy to have the opportunity to write this book and wish to thank Maddy and Tim Harland at Permanent Publications for making it possible.

The book documents my journey as I visit 20 species of native trees in various locations around the UK. It is a great celebration of the trees themselves, and includes their defining qualities and place in the eco-system; herbal and culinary uses; history and folklore; their links to the Earth Festivals and seasonal Wheel of the Year; sacred craft making; tree meditation and communication techniques; trees for use in ceremonies and personal ritual. I welcome them as teachers and guides, and as part of our collective journey towards creating a future where we are in healthy communication and harmony with the interconnected natural world. The book, although about trees, is also a reflection of the great transition of our age, as we shift our focus towards a more Earth-centred future.

And finally, I would Love to draw your attention to two very exciting projects worth keeping your eye on and supporting (as I am!)

If you haven't seen the trailer for the film project, wetheuncivilised, A Life Story, see it here, now. If you would like to stay updated on the film and the tour this summer, SUBSCRIBE HERE.

'SHE WHO KNOWS' is a magazine set to revolutionise what, to date, we have come to accept as a woman's magazine. Full with articles written by women, for women, bringing a reliable mirror of our true power, beauty and value as women at this most crucial time on the Earth. A magazine committed to honouring the Earths call and giving voice to the deep feminine wisdom that is rising on the planet at this time. You can order a copy and subscribe at SHEWHOKNOWSMAGAZINE.COM

If you would also like to receive my intermittent SHARINGS as an email newsletter, please click here.


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Winter - January 2015

Twice this year we have been snowed in, with thick snow lying deep around the house and in the fields around us and we have greatly enjoyed our walks across the fields and the beautiful serenity of this silent white environment we find ourselves in. And something else, it's not just a physical 'white out' that the snow creates..... it encloses more than just the house; it creates an internal stilling, a blanking-out, a shift in emphasis, a slowing down, a timelessness that calls me to drift and dream a while. I have been writing, sewing, make bread, and gazing into the fire...... It has given me a much needed 'Time out of Time'.

I have been on a great and wondrous adventure with our native plants and trees ~ a journey of discovery and delight. They are strong and beautifully communicative when your heart is open to them. Their energy is embedded in the land and landscape, and goes deep ~ layer upon layer upon layer, centuries upon centuries, millennium upon millennium. They are intelligent in ways we don't understand with our brains but can feel and access with our hearts..... and there is so much to learn from them. I began to write about my love of this edge in my last book 'Letting In the Wild Edges' and shall be continuing it in the new tree book as it is very much part of who I am and what fills me with joy and excitement.

Over the years I have struck up relationships with many native plants and trees and their presence stays with me, especially if I sit with them and draw them. The act of drawing seems to open up an energy flow, an understanding between us that stays with me, like any good friendship...... And indeed, it was sitting with trees, when I was learning to draw that started this whole journey off. As I sat sketching a tree, I became aware of the trees presence.... and a sense that the tree and I were in some kind of communion or communication. I 'picked up' insights and understandings about the tree that were later validated by its known herbal use, or through folklore and legends that have been handed down to us from a time when people were more in tune and in harmony with the natural world around them. I became fascinated by this and have been in deep relationship with trees ever since. Sitting in meditative stillness with a tree, letting my heart open with Love for the tree is something I love to do. And now I no longer feel my separation from nature but whole-heartedly feel a kinship, a sense of belonging and being part of a vast interconnected whole.

'Plant Spirit Medicine' is the term now widely used for this kind of subliminal communication of the heart, which creates a deepening of our relationship with plants and trees. I have a section for this in my Bibliography & Links page with recommendations I would like to share if you would like to explore this edge further.


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