Welcome to my website!

I hope that you will enjoy your visit into my world. Here you can — buy some of my books, prints and postcards, (Thank you for buying direct from me) — visit my month by month native plants and trees blogs — or download useful information and articles. I am happy to share my work but I ask that you always credit me and my website with any material that you use.


I am an artist and a writer, with twelve books currently published, all of which include my artwork. My new book ‘Between the Worlds’, celebrates our shift into interconnected consciousness, and will be out in the spring of 2024. My books are practical and inspire the reader to self-empowerment. They explore the wild edges of our relationship with the Earth through our native plants and trees, tree lore, herbalism, Earth wisdom, alchemy, the Earth's cycles and creating heartfelt ceremony. I am also the editor and co-creator of the yearly publication, the Earth Pathways Diary.