Workshops and Talks

Time has shifted and I am now taking a break from workshops and talks, returning to my artwork and writing a new book.

During the pandemic I did several talks, workshops and interviews online. Some of which were recorded. My intention is to gather them here for you to enjoy!


The Woodland Classroom

The Woodland Classroom people, Lea and James and their dear baby Beren, stole my heart and I gave several talks with them as part of their wonderfully informative and inspirational online courses.

Here is one I did in the spring- Nature Connection for Wellbeing - where I am talking about the spring tonic herbs, the 8 Earth Festivals, Spring Equinox, connecting to trees and the energy of the Full and New Moons...

Here’s the link to the website, online courses,workshops and many resources


Tree Conference

I spoke at the Tree Conference in May 2020. Here’s a video of the very enjoyable and informative array of talks from many inspirational and beautiful people...

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Guardians of the Forest

It was a great pleasure to be part of these inspirational online discussions about trees.


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